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Smart is the reduction to the essentials.
The new beverage is natural, sustainable, and a vitalizing refreshment, which combines all contemporary demands.
acáo is a 100% natural, caffeine containing, revitalizing beverage derived from fruits with no added sugars – a combination of real fruits and organic quality without any additives.



The name acáo is phonetically derived from the Macaw Parrot. A colorful new-world-parrot, which is renowned for its intelligence.
It is so intelligent, that the Macaw-Parrot is called the genius of the bird world. Fitting for the natural, vitalizing freshness of acáo, the bird flies without any artificial effort and is therefore the perfect ambassador of the brand.



The “white can with the green parrot” consists of aluminum and provides acáo’s high-end raw material for 100% protection from contamination and light influences. On the contrary to many other packing materials the can is 100% recyclable.
An improved CO2-balance is achieved as a result of the compact size and lesser weight during transport.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry -


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acáo’s untouched fruit juices originate from controlled organic plantations. The can with the green bird foregoes any usage of synthetic ingredients, such as preservatives, added sugars, and flavor enhancers.




The authentic taste from quince, sand buckthorn, citrus and the guarana berry combine with the mild sweetness of agave in a symbiosis and make acáo into a fruity-bitter refreshment beverage.



The natural caffeine of the guarana berry vitalizes gently and long-term. Without using any chemical boosters, acáo has a stimulating and concentration enhancing effect – comparable to a cup of coffee.



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“100% organic and vegan”

- acáo -


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